I'm The Director of Sales

I'm The Director of Sales

Upcoming workshops

All new and upcoming workshops will be posted. At times posted before the entire venue is available, but hopefully all the information you need will be up and running at the time of posting. It is good to give a heads up when we are talking about the future, only for those interested to save the date.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saratoga Springs NY


Two individual workshops - One will be on Poetic Memoir given at two places to be announced when dates are made available
One will be a weekly workshop on Poetic Memoir to be announced when dates and place is made public.

Another workshop for those who are interested in Author Presentation is now in the process of setting dates and time. Please stay in contact with this blog spot for more information, coming soon.

Sincerely Nancy Duci Denofio
contact me with comments and I will answer your questions ASAP

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