I'm The Director of Sales

I'm The Director of Sales

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Friday, November 26, 2010

PUBLISH YOUR BOOK for both Experienced and Aspiring Authors

DON ODOM Workshop Presenter and Publisher, DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium, New York, N.Y.

Don Odom has been a publisher of quality books and periodicals for more than 25 years. Before founding DYSTENIUM LLC in 2010, he was Executive Editor at Oxford University Press USA


Planning your publishing project to ensure success -

* Ten key questions you should ask yourself
* The project checklist you must have
* Measures of success

Changing role of authors and publishers in the Digital age -

* Authors as publishers
* Publishers as content brokers
* Implications for your book or writing project

Marketing your book - low cost, high impact strategies -

* Innocative Internet driven marketing approaches
* Web 2.0 interactivity
* The role, structure and applicability of "Social Networking
* E-main best practices

Caveat scriptor - beware!

* Should I self publish?
* Three questions you should ask yourself
* How to spot a vanity or pay to publish press publishing scam a mile away

Innovative, new technologies in publishing -

* Offset or digital printing?
* print then distribute or distribute then print?
* the rise of the digital book reader
* implications for your book or writing project

Finding a publisher -

* Strategies
* Expectations
* What really happens when your query letter or book proposal is reviewed by an editiorial committee?

WORKSHOP TO BE HELD - WHERE? Saratoga Springs NY, Caffe Lena
WHEN? December 11th, 2010
TIME? 11 am - 2 pm

Caffe Lena can be found on the net at CaffeLena.com
Any questions about this workshop can be directed to Carol Graser of Caffe Lena or myself at words444@nycap.rr.com

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